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Performed Tests

Electromagnetic Compatibility Test completed

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing was performed in September 2011 to verify the performance of the satellite’s communication subsystem during typical operation phases, in order to ensure that the performance is not influenced by other systems operating.


Open Field Test completed

Open field testing was performed at the end of June 2011 to test the operations of the satellite under real sunlight conditions, by controlling it remotely via its groundstation. For that purpose, the satellite was mounted on a tripod at the Observatorium Lustbühel (Graz) and operated by the ground station on the IKS building (2.7 km distance line-of-sight). In addition, the performance of the instrument and the startracker were assessed during this test.


Thermal Vacuum Test completed

TUGSAT-1’s  thermal vacuum (TVAC) test was carried out sucessfully in June 2011.

The thermal vacuum test served two purposes. The primary objective of the test was to verify the spacecraft's expected performance within relevant environmental conditions. This was the first time that the entire spacecraft system was exposed to both high vacuum and operated within the entire expected temperature range. The secondary objective of this test was to verify the accuracy of the thermal model.


Vibration Test completed

TUGSAT-1’s vibration testing was performed in May 2011 for the spacecraft loaded in its deployment system at acceptance level in accordance to the requirements of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).


BRITE Austria / TUGSAT-1 fully assembled

TUGSAT-1’s full assembly was completed at the end of March 2011. Subsequently, the integrated satellite had successfully passed all functional tests. In the next weeks the satellite will undergo environmental testing, including vibration, thermal vacuum, electromagnetic compatibility, and open field testing in order to obtain its flight readiness.

Flatsat Phase completed

The flatsat-phase of TUGSAT-1 was successfully completed in February 2011. During this phase, all satellite subsystems were integrated in an accessible way (as shown in the picture below) to perform qualification testing at system level prior to integration in the structure. The satellite has successfully passed all qualification tests at this stage.


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